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Pretty elk, lots of screaming


Best The Only Good Indians event-name so far. I’m doing it Thursday:



Sounds like a shopping network, but, really, it’s “Quarantine Book Club.” I’m there Tuesday:


Rez Gothic!

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Stephen Graham Jones is writing REZ GOTHIC ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⠀ ⠀ This book follows four childhood friends ten years after an elk hunt gone wrong. Some of them leave the rez, while others stay, and the spirit of Elk Head Woman is seeking revenge against them all. The book has blood and gore, thrilling chase scenes and suspenseful psychological horror. But Graham Jones’ nuanced writing also shows the terror of a father being alienated from his daughter or fin

Elky list, Elky review

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Your/My (Our?) Favorite Monsters

At Scares that Care. Could be the recording shows up at some point? And, thanks to Tracy for the pic:

great time with horror people, for a good cause: what could be better?



NPR’s All Things Considered, & Me

Ari Shapiro’s a smart dude. Makes me sound way smarter than I think I am:

is the author of 23 or 25 or so books, +300 stories, some comic books, and all this stuff here. He lives in Boulder, Colorado, and has a few broken-down old trucks, one PhD, and way too many boots


A Decrease font size. A Reset font size. A Increase font size.




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